We know you have heard it from friends, co-workers, and others that TV's just aren't worth repairing but that simply isn't true!  Most TV's, LCD, Plasma, and DLP sets can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of new!  Don't believe the salesmen that says TV's only last a few years now it simply isn't true.  Most modern TV's can last well over 10 years or more.  We can give you an accurate estimate on the repair of your TV and you may be surprised at how affordable the repairs can be.  Call us today for the best in TV repair and home electronic component repair.  We proudly serve San Diego County and our military families so don't forget to ask about our military discount!

We repair all makes, models and types of TV's including LCD, DLP, Plasma, and Projection.  We have industry trained professional technicians and we offer same day IN-HOME and PICK-UP repair services.  We service Mitsubishi, LG, Zenith, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Pioneer, Denon, Insignia, Vizio, Hitachi, JVC, Pioneer, Orion, Phillips, and Sharp among others.  Call us today at 858-480-1420 for more information.